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Globber is a game for DOS based upon an arcade game called Ataxx. The object is to have more globs on the board in your colour than in your opponent's colour when the board is full. There are two moves which can be made : a move to an adjacent square which replicates the glob, and a jump over one square which moves the glob. Any time a glob lands next to another glob, the globs that were there all become the same colour as the one that just landed (If this sounds convoluted, try playing Othello!).

The real reason I include Globber on my page is that I like what I did with the graphics in the VGA version, and I would like to point them out. The entire graphics subsystem of the VGA version is written in assembly (the CGA/EGA version is completely Turbo Pascal). The VGA palette animation is completely a background process -- nothing about that is contained anywhere in the primary game loop. The VGA board is drawn using a four-layer drawing engine I built specifically for the purpose.

I admit the game intelligence is not terribly high, but it seems enough to beat quite a few people for a while. I have been working on an idea to improve that aspect, but I have had rather little time to apply toward the goal, so it still is rather mediocre... Even so, I think it is an interesting game to play with.

The current version of Globber is version 1.17, which is distributed in the file GLOB117.ZIP. You can download it by clicking here. This file is 48007 bytes.

Globber is being reworked right now, for better move intelligence and some significant improvements to configurability and the user interface. A new version should be ready soon.

Globber is cardware. If you use it, you are expected to send me a post card (just say hi, or give some comments or suggestions)... You do not get anything for this (except my gratitude), but if you send a comment or a suggestion, it may be used in the next version.

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